Web Maintenance

e_supportWe realize the importance of your online application and we want to be able to respond timely to your needs. The maintenance program is a great way to utilize our team and talent to supplement your business. Many of our customers choose to arrange a support and/or maintenance agreement with us.

This is a great option if your company needs

  • continual updates to your website
  • regular support for your team
  • regular email marketing campaigns designed and sent

We can tailor a maintenance agreement to your specific needs.With Pre Pay Care you’ll be a priority client – jump to the top of the queue new features can be added to your site as you need them discounted hourly rate option of getting design/theme updates at specified intervals (a redesign of the site once a year for example)

You will also receive

  • Guaranteed Response: For bugs / application issues / and maintenance.
  • Guaranteed Labour Hours: To complete the work you need on time.
  • All work is billed in 1/4 (15 minutes) hour increments.


Response Time: 1 hour
Length Of Agreement: 1 - 3 months
Total Estimated Hours:5 - 10
Hourly Discount: 10%
Response Time: 30 Mins
Length Of Agreement:3 - 6 months
Total Estimated Hours: 10 - 20
Hourly Discount: 15%
Top Shelf
Response Time: Few Minutes
Length Of Agreement: 6 months or more
Total Estimated Hours: 20 +
Hourly Discount: 20%

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